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NEWS[Limited Loverz] to Release New Single (Digital) from Supertunes

Aug 29, 2020

Go By Myself Limited Loverz has released a new song on a German label "Supertunes".

The vocalist is an Estonian singer "Lacy".
Please listen and share it!

Limited Loverz - Go By Myself

NEWS[egoistic 4 leaves] to Release New Album, Single, and Remastered Album

Jul 1, 2020

egoistic 4 leaves 2nd album "debris" Jul,29 on sale
3,000 yen (without tax)

egoistic 4 leaves new single "10" Jul,1 on sale
(Prices vary with the website)

egoistic 4 leaves new remastered album "aluva (Remastered)" Jul,1 on sale
(Prices vary with the website)

The 2nd album by the 6-piece instrumental band egoistic 4 leaves in almost 8 years. With feedback from other projects they have participated in, such as Taiji Sato (Theatrebrook), the dresscodes, and Kaho Nakamura BAND, they have returned with even greater strength and sophistication.

Combining the spirituality of Jazz, the functionality of Electronic music, and the experimentation of Beat music with an eclectic sense of power and boldness, the album is a free and airy work that resonates with the Nu Jazz scene since Robert Glasper.

All the songs were produced, recorded and post-produced by MASAHIRO KITAGAWA, a member of the Nakamura Kaho BAND, who is also known as a beat maker himself. They also show their silky voice in some songs, and they are the seventh member of the band.

The mastering was done by Hiroshi Shiota, the representative of Tokyo Recording Co.,Ltd, who has been involved in many Japanese hip-hop milestone albums such as KING GIDDRA, RAPPAGARIYA, MSC, Gaki Ranger, ISSUGI, JJJ, Namedaruma and many others. While utilizing the dynamism of the band's analogue feel, the band has acquired a high quality sound image suitable for the times.

NEWS[skrew kid] to Surprise Release New Album

Apr 5, 2020

skrew kid has released new album "FLAT KITCHEN" for a cafe of the same name.

NEWS[Sawa Angstrom] to Release New MV "Swallowtail Butterfly 〜あいのうた〜"

Apr 4, 2020

Sawa Angstrom released new music video.
This song is a cover of "YEN TOWN BAND - Swallowtail Butterfly" (1996).

NEWS[Limited Loverz] to Release New Single (Digital) on Dec. 19, 2019

Dec 20, 2019

Practice Phase 023
Prices vary with the website.

Suddenly Limited Loverz released a new single.

NEWS[Sawa Angstrom] to Release 4th EP (Digital) on Dec. 25, 2019

Dec 11, 2019

Prices vary with the website.

The three-piece electronic music unit Sawa Angstrom from Kyoto. This 4th EP will be released in a short span of about 3 months from the previous work. They released four EPs a year. Their activities are fast-paced, but their quality is high and they will become a hot topic. This is a Christmas present from them.

The 1st EP DdTPt, 2nd EP OF FOOD, and 3rd EP LEVEL which presented new world standard electronic music, were chosen as a recommendation by major streaming sites, and recorded long-term hit that were unusual for electronic artists before their album debut.

They experienced two overseas tours and grew globally by co-starring overseas artists such as hanging up the moon (Singapore), Big Bend (US), Prairie WWWW (Taiwan), and DSPS (Taiwan).

This EP was inspired by the unique Icelandic artists and the harsh nature. Starting from the light dance pop #1 that is also the lead track, the metallic and bit-crush downbeat #2 that crawls the ground, the minimal funk #3 that melts by twin vocals, #4 sings the end of the world with a powerful dabby beat that breaks up ice blocks, and the end of the journey is signaled with a pleasant Balearic Beat #5, where the cut-up voice continues. This is a masterpiece that can be called the culmination of them.

Following the previous 3 works, Tatsuki Masuko (ROVO, DUB SQUAD) is the mastering engineer for this digital EP. He has worked on numerous works (e.g. SUPERCAR, Miu Sakamoto, Yoshinori Sunahara, Kicell, clammbon, UA, ART-SCHOOL, SCLL, fhana, and Shuta Hasunuma). It has a stable high sound quality.

They will be gearing up for the long-awaited album release scheduled for next year. This momentum will not stop for a while.