NEWS[SKREW KID] to Release New Album

New Flat (tape)
SKREW KID 5th album "New Flat (tape)" Nov. 4, 2023 on sale
Prices start from 1,100 yen (within tax)

Crafted with the moments spent by SKREW KID himself as a regular at the quaint Cafe/Third Place "Flat Kitchen" in Fukui City as its core inspiration, this latest release resonates with the simple yet heartwarming and delectable atmosphere of the dishes experienced with every visit, translating it into a musical experience.

Of particular note is the track "Potage," which draws its inspiration from the rich potage soup served at Flat Kitchen, serving as an original response to Pavement's "Carrot Rope." Imagined with the haunting voice of Stephen Malkmus in mind, this track is a testament to the artist's creative vision.

In this album, SKREW KID took charge of the mixing and mastering, shaping the sound to reflect a unique auditory experience. Similar to the previous release "Inspirations," this album will see a limited cassette tape release preceding its digital distribution, promising exclusive content distinct from the digital version.

Oct 21, 2023