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If you would like to give us your opinions, comments, and invitations to appear on the live concert, please contact us at mail form below.
And also, we look forward to your request of sound production, remix production, sound source use permission request, design creation, music video production, and website creation. Please contact me if you need anything.


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  • We do not accept all solicitation and advertisement.
  • If you want to send demo to us, please fill in the URL of the audition possible website (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) of your sound source. I am sorry we will reply to the people that we are interested only.

  • すべて入力必須項目です。
  • 業者の方の勧誘や商品宣伝などは固くお断りいたします。
  • デモテープに関するご連絡は、音源試聴可能なサイト(YouTubeやSoundCloudなど)のURLをご記入いただき、こちらで気になった方のみご返信させていただいております。ご了承ください。

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