NEWS[Sawa Angstrom] to Release 1st EP (Digital) on Feb. 27 2019

Prices vary with the website.

The three-piece electronic music unit "sa/wa" renamed to "Sawa Angstrom" from Kyoto makes its debut.
From micro to macro, from Kyoto to the world.

In 2018, they went on a tour to 4 EU countries (France, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark) and Taiwan. Their musicality and performance gained enthusiastic cheers and support from the genuine audience of electronic music.

The CD "DdTPt" made for that world tour was immediately sold out. However, in response to the expectations of fans all over the world, they decided to digital release globally.

They already have careers as artists and sound engineers respectively. Their electronic sounds, beats, and noises are precise but friendly impression.

That sound is fragmented by a micro viewpoint. Whisper Voice floating from the gap of the sound seems to be an old silent movie.

Tatsuki Masuko (ROVO, DUB SQUAD) is the re-mastering engineer for this digital EP. He is a friend of band members and has worked on numerous works (e.g. SUPERCAR, Miu Sakamoto, Yoshinori Sunahara, Kicell, clammbon, UA, ART-SCHOOL, SCLL, fhana, and Shuta Hasunuma).

From the most important music city Kyoto is the birth of a new super unit that increases the resolution of electronic pop music.
Feb 27, 2019