島根県出身の音楽家。名古屋で伝説的エレクトロニックバンドALL OF THE WORLDを結成し、ギターとプログラミングを担当。2004年にリリースした1stアルバム『the dance we do』はサカナクションの山口一郎からも「最も影響を受けた」と高く評価された。その後も2008年に2nd アルバム『Finesse』、2021年には13年ぶりとなる3rdアルバム『lull』を発表した。

バンドの活動と並行してソロプロジェクトSKREW KIDも始動。2005年に1stアルバム『speak slowly』、2010年にはエイベックス傘下のbinyl records/dive in! discより2ndアルバム『room tapes』を、2018年には3rdアルバム『(s)』、2022年に『Inspirations』を配信とカセットテープでリリース。アナログ感のある暖かいサウンドが一部で熱狂的な支持を受ける。


Hailing from Shimane Prefecture, this musician co-founded the legendary electronic band, ALL OF THE WORLD, in Nagoya, where he took charge of the guitar and programming. Their debut album, "the dance we do," released in 2004, earned high praise from Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction, who cited it as one of his biggest influences. Subsequently, he released the second album, "Finesse," in 2008, followed by the long-awaited third album, "lull," in 2021.

Running alongside the band, he initiated the solo project SKREW KID. In 2005, he launched his first album, "speak slowly," followed by the second album, "room tapes," under the Avex subsidiary binyl records/dive in! disc in 2010. He continued his musical journey with the release of the third album, "(s)," in 2018, and "Inspirations" in 2022, available on both digital platforms and cassette tapes, garnering enthusiastic support for its warm analog sound.

In 2015, he relocated from Nagoya to Fukui Prefecture, where he has continued his prolific endeavors, including composing music for corporate commercials and providing tracks for international labels. He is known for his fondness for "incomplete yet high-quality" and "unfinished works," emphasizing the importance of leaving room for the listener's imagination by creating spaces within the music.

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