NEWS[Marina Kodama] to Release New Album

Like a Wolf
Marina Kodama 2nd album "Like a Wolf" May 25 on sale
3,300 yen (within tax)
  1. Wide Pupil
  2. Howling
  3. Like a Wolf
  4. Part of the Soil
  5. 399
  6. Interlude
  7. 透けた日
  8. 牙ピアス
  9. Dive Deep
  10. Plod
  11. 羽化
  12. Konton(CD版のみのボーナストラック)

It has been four and a half years since the brilliant debut album "Tsumetai Kemuri (Cold Smoke)" in 2017, which was highly praised by Tabito Nanao and Michinori Toyota. Marina Kodama has returned with a wildness and toughness like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Her signature whisper voice and unpredictable electronic songs are still alive and well. Continuing from precedent singles "Uka" and "Part of the Soil", the balance between folky storytelling and experimental electronic songs is perfect, and the evolved "Kodamari World" will win new fans again.

The guest artists: Kazuhisa Uchihashi, an electric guitarist/daxophonist known for his work in numerous bands, including Altered States, Ground Zero, and Shibusashirazu. Happy Axe, an Australian violinist/music saw player who has toured with Sawa Angstrom in Melbourne. Keitaro Kanamine, a contrabass player known for his support and session work with many major artists including BEGIN, Rimi Natsukawa, and Kazufumi Miyazawa. Sound production including mixing/mastering was done by Satoshi Yoshioka, a member of Sawa Angstrom.

Apr 1, 2022