NEWS[CRUNCH] to Release New EP (Digital) on Nov. 18, 2020

CRUNCH "Mitsumetetai" Nov. 18, 2020 on sale
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Three-piece band CRUNCH will release a new EP for the first time in three years. In an unstable social climate where it is difficult to find out what is certain and what to believe, we have to find what is important for each of us. These three songs are like gentle lullabies that remind us of these times.

The striking first album "Tenkiame" in 2017, produced by Masahilo Araki (Remigai / Kaho Nakamura BAND) received high praise from various music media, and in 2018 released a unique remixes with the participation of Jun Kamoda and others, and in 2019, the famous Tokyo indie-rock party “Sunday Monday" compilation Included in along with cattle, staffy, CAUCUS and others. They have been working at their own pace mainly in Nagoya, suddenly release their 3-song EP in 3 years.

Opening with the dub-pop title track "Mitsumetetai" that first time they attempted to rap, the dream-pop "Shizuka ni Hikaru Hoshi" with its electric piano refrain and guitars driving through the night. Thoughts of life dissolve into the dawn beat of bedroom ambient pop "Asa no Hikari".

It was mixed and produced by house music creator Limited Loverz, and the artwork was drawn by vocalist Noriyo Horita on his very famous white record.

Nov 18, 2020