NEWS[Sawa Angstrom] to Release New Single (Digital) on Sep. 02, 2020

Sawa Angstrom "CIRCLE feat. Nozaki Rikon" Sep. 02, 2020 on sale
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Sawa Angstrom is an electronic music unit based in Kyoto. They have released four EPs in 2019. Now, they will releae four consecutive months of ambitious singles amidst the chaos of 2020.

The first of these is "CIRCLE feat. Nozaki Rikon", featuring rapper Nozaki Rikon from Ourlanguage on their label THANKS GIVING's sub label. They seeks a connection to a world cut off with their lyricism and glitch. In addition, this is the first collaboration song for Sawa Angstrom with another artist.

Following the previous four EPs, Tatsuki Masuko (ROVO, DUB SQUAD) is the mastering engineer for this digital EP. He has worked on numerous works (e.g. SUPERCAR, Miu Sakamoto, Yoshinori Sunahara, Kicell, clammbon, UA, ART-SCHOOL, SCLL, fhana, and Shuta Hasunuma). It has a stable high sound quality.

Sep 2, 2020