We Are All Cotton-Hearted

V.A. / We Are All Cotton-Hearted

マレーシアの新鋭レーベルmu-nestのコンピレーションに当レーベルの音源から、asana "summer snow (cinq remix)"SKREW KID "Shadow Of Light"がライセンス収録されました。日本、アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、中国、台湾、シンガポール、マレーシアなどから計25組のアーティストの曲がたっぷり入った2枚組CD。日本国内ではLinus Recordsさんで購入できるようです。

Disc 1:
  1. Piana / Ancient Note
  2. nara / Auto Auto
  3. miroque / Botanical Sunset Paradise
  4. sulumi / Finally….Said Not Clearly
  5. E*Rock / Living, Breathing, Etc
  6. muxu / Journey To The City
  7. Lullatone / Good Morning Melody
  8. me:mo / Fuzzy June
  9. Dim Dim / Chooby
  10. Melodium / Ballad
  11. kazumasa hashimoto / Sweet End
  12. Kulyfile / Xi
  13. DIANBANG / Can I Play?

Disc 2:
  1. SKREW KID / Shadow Of Light
  2. asana / Summer Snow (cinq remix)
  3. aus / IHI
  4. park avenue music / piet
  5. Supersprite / Farewell Cosmo
  6. Yasushi Yoshida / Individual Regression
  7. Pola Collective / I Have A Window
  8. Kaa / Ki
  9. The Grace Period / Best Of Boston
  10. Lim Giong / Marching Forward (2006 remix)
  11. forbiddenculture / Dad’s Shadow
  12. aspidistrafly / in sundown light

mü-nest proudly presents: “We Are All Cotton-Hearted” VA compilation, a double-CD album of futuristic electro-acoustic sounds with a gorgeous easy-listening twist imbued with unconventional pop sensibilities.

“We Are All Cotton-Hearted” showcases 25 splendid tracks by 25 exceptionally talented indie artists from Japan, US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

This beautiful debut release by mü-nest also features brand-new never-before-released tracks by internationally acclaimed artists such as kazumasa hashimoto, Piana, Melodium, park avenue music, sulumi, aus, Yasushi Yoshida, Lim Giong, aspidistrafly and many more.

The exquisite art work and design on “We Are All Cotton-Hearted” are superbly executed by Singapore’s most promising design duo, Kitchen.

All these, makes “We Are All Cotton-Hearted” your must have album of the year!

more info : mu-nest

Jan 17, 2007