RELEASESRemigai x Nakamura High School Brass Band (レミ街×中村高校吹奏楽部) / GIANT

Apr 5, 2016

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on sale May 25, 2016

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Remigai’s 3rd album in 2015 got high praise from domestic and oversea media. And they were successful in hall concert with the junior high school students of Nakamura ward. This time, they made a collaboration with Nakamura high school brass band. April 3, they gave a concert “THE DANCE WE DO 2016”. This EP was able to buy only at the concert venue. Fortunately, it is all the world distribution has been determined. This EP has far transcended the image of the “fusion of pops band with brass band” that you had imagined. It is a work that should be referred to as one of good experience.

Girl power.

Girl is the strongest in the world. As is well known, the girl has a region in which boy does not win absolutely.

This EP have been included “Taberuuta” which was expressed as a metaphor of the mighty power an epic journey around the giant’s body. And five songs of various genres such as brass band ensemble, dance music, irish fiddle, chamber folk, and urban pop have been recorded.

When you have finished listening to this CD, you might awaken the desire to be stepped on to girl power named “giant”.

国内外から高い評価を受け、中学生合唱隊とのホールコンサートも大成功を収めたレミ街が、今回は中村高校吹奏楽部とコラボ。4月3日に行われた「THE DANCE WE DO 2016」で会場先行販売されたミニアルバムが全国流通決定。ポップス×吹奏楽から想像できるレベルを遥かに超越した、一つの「体験」とも言える作品が完成。





  1. the Giant -Opening-
  2. ル曲
  3. fogged me not more mountain
  4. たべるうた
  5. behind on mars

レミ街×中村高校吹奏楽部 (Remigai x Nakamura High School Brass Band) – “ル曲” Official Music Video (2016)